Welcome to the wireless

Welcome to the wireless

Is Big Brother watching? Eight new security cameras have been installed along with seventy wireless routers around the building.

Jerry Losos, Staff Reporter

You may have noticed little gray boxes going up on the walls throughout the building.  The boxes are wireless routers, and they are part of several new technologies being implemented throughout the building.

During Winter Break, the vast majority of the school building went wireless.  Ultimately, wireless access will be available throughout the building, including 70 hot spots. The 70 routers around the building were purchased and installed at an expense of approximately $2000.  Money for the cameras came from the existing technology budget, and Connors cut costs by purchasing refurbished routers that are one generation from curent as well as doing the installation work himself.  While the work is still not finished, the majority of the building is now wireless.

Access to the wireless network is free to both students and teachers. The password for the wifi is 208WLESS.  Users should be able to access the network, but the password is required.

“For the future, we’re looking to advance the technology throughout the building for electronic books and for students who need to use personal electronics for school. Connecting to the wireless network should no longer be a problem,” said Technology Coordinator Michael Connors.

Observers may have also seen one of eight new security cameras going up throughout the building as well.  Each of the cameras costs approximately $120, with a total cost of $960 for all eight.  The primary purpose of the cameras is to increase security in the building, particularly after the main school day has ended.

“The cameras there to increase safety and security” said Dean of Students David Sibley. Security will monitor the cameras after school, keeping track of what happens after school.

As far as what’s coming next, the future is unclear.  “The budget needs to get straightened out before we can make anymore advances to the building, but as of now we have the cameras and the router,” said Connors.