Prom generates pressure to be creative

Prom generates pressure to be creative

For lucky couples, Prom can be the highlight of their school year.

Taylor Owen, Staff Reporter

As Prom season rolls around, many people are thinking of creative ways to ask that special someone to the dance. Some people go the traditional route and ask face to face, while others ask in an extravegent way. Juniors Thomas Leary and Mike Kosik decided to ask their dates in very creative ways.

Leary said, “I bought a puzzle and painted purple over it. Then I wrote on it ‘Prom?’ I split up the puzzle pieces and gave them to [junior Karolina Saucedo] during her classes. We have 7th hour together so she told me yes then.”

Saucedo was happily surprised. She said, “I thought it was really cute. He asked me on my birthday, so it was a great birthday present.”

How did he come up with this creative idea? Leary said, “My mom and my sister helped me. I had another idea of decorating her room, but I decided she’d like the puzzle more.”

Kosik came up with another inventive way to ask his girlfriend. He said, “I decided to buy three live gold fish and put them in a fishbowl in [junior Caitlin Berek’s] locker. On the outside of the bowl I wrote, ‘Out of all the fish in the sea will you go to Prom with me?’’’

Berek found the fish in her locker. She said, “My first reaction was, ‘Why are there fish in my locker?!’ I was very surprised to find out that that was him actually asking me to Prom. Of course I said yes.”

Kosik said, “My mom helped me come up with the idea. Another idea I had was to spell out Prom in candles on her front yard.”

Prom will take place on May 4th at the River East Art Center.