Fine Arts Night raises over $1000 for Daniele Santucci

Students sing for Daniele.

Rachael Kluba

Students sing for Daniele.

Rachael Kluba, Staff Reporter

Sophomore students Monica Mascitti, Parley Belsey, Sam Winslow, and Andrew Pilewski joined forces and orchestrated a Fine Arts nights in order to raise money for Dreams for Daniele. Mascitti knew Daniele Santucci from before high school and started planning for this fundraiser since January.

“The goal was to raise as much money for Daniele and her family, and to help promote the Fine Arts Department,” said Mascitti.

The four students were hoping to raise $500, and by the end of the night, they had over $1000 worth of donations.

There was an auction with such products as a Bulldog sweatshirt, gift cards and a 10-lb chocolate bar. Local artists offered their artwork to be auctioned. Belsey went to downtown La Grange and passed out fliers in order to introduce the fundraiser to local artist.

“We stayed until 6:30 after school preparing,” said Mascitti.

The hard work and energy put in by these students was evident based on the amount of participation and attendance.

“The amount of support we got was phenomenal,” said Mascitti.

The Repertory Dance Ensemble, Shenanigans, the Band and Orchestra, and student artists all offered their time for this cause, as well as countless students and staff who simply volunteered in order to help.

“The emotional support the Santucci family received was more important than any amount of money we could raise,” said Mascitti.

The Santucci family and Daniele were at the Fine Arts Fundraiser and expressed thanks for all the support.