Two seniors develop energy saving cycle for Wellness room

Two seniors develop energy saving cycle for Wellness room

What’s this? A new invention! Seniors Brian Jansen and Ralph Ruiz, both former SEE Team students, have created a new, improved, stationary cycle that can store the energy of the rider.  After a year and half of hard work, it’s finally starting to pay off.  The two students have now demonstrated the bicycle prototype in Physics teacher Josh Bozeday’s period 6 and 7 classes.

The bike will hopefully be used in the Wellness Room starting sometime next year if all goes as planned.

Jansen originally made the bicycle from an old, broken Wellness Room stationary cycle.  After he figured out which parts were needed and which were not, Jansen gave the remaining parts to Auto Teacher Bruce Specht.

When Jansen hit a dead end, he turned to classmate Ruiz for help.  Ruiz worked with Jansen by putting differently wires together, getting the handlebars, and things of that sort.

“I was a little late on asking for help,” says Jansen.

When a student rides the bicycle, his physical energy powers the bicycle and the excess energy generated is captured.  The bike hopefully will be used to power the TV’s that are in the Wellness Room.  The boys want to make the school more energy efficient. Overall they wanted to create a simple renewable energy source. They looked on YouTube for ideas on how to put it together.

“We were inspired with solar energy panels,” Jansen said.     

Jansen was excited to see his idea finally come to fruition.

“It was a huge success,” he said.  “I feel like it will be inspirational for future students and for others to be more environmental.”