Every Student Has a Story: Christian Hernandez

Sophomore has Olympic swimming dreams

Niko Radicanin, Staff Reporter

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You are most likely one out of four billion people who watch the Olympics. Christian Hernandez (Class of 2016) wants to do more than just watch. He hopes to be one of the 10,000 athletes to compete. His passion for swimming started in 2004 when he was brought along to his cousin’s swim practice.

“I instantly became hooked and it has ever since been a passion,” he said.

It has not always been his first choice. When Hernandez first started swimming, his mom had to drag him from the car to practice. He was very nervous and never wanted to swim.

Still, those nerves did not last. “Today, I am very thankful for my mom forcing me to go to practice,” he said.

As well as being on the Lyon’s swim team and RBHS swim team, Hernandez is a very talented orchestral musician and water polo player. He is an avid animal activist involved in PETA and ASPCA. He has also been a vegetarian since the beginning of summer. Hernandez values his family and his dog immensely.

One of Hernandez’s favorite memories was when his swimming team had a meet in Indianapolis. This was the first travel meet he attended. His team stayed in a local hotel for three days while competing.

Hernandez said, “The most fun happened at the pool, the Indianapolis Natatorium. It was fun being with the whole team, our coach, and even the competing teams!”

During the meet,Hernandez recalls that his team and him really got to know each other.

“We really bonded as a family that weekend!” he said.

Besides swim meets and competitions, Hernandez loves the benefit of the workout. Also, he says that swimming is a huge stress reliever for him. As of now, he specializes in 200 breaststroke and 200 freestyle, but competes in all events. He has a box full of first place awards and countless medals. Hernandez won a big award in 2011. He competed in the IMX Games in 2011, where as an individual he won tenth place. Twenty teams of at least a hundred swimmers competed,

“It was the biggest event I’ve ever swam in,” he said.

In the future, Hernandez definitely wants to keep swimming in in college.

As for the Olympics? Hernandez will compete in the Junior National Olympic Cuts on December 12th, 13th, and 14th of this year. He explained that the competition is two steps below Olympic trials. That’s why making the cut this year is so significant. One question he says he gets asked a lot is why not the Olympics instead of trials?

Hernandez knows that making Nationals is hard enough, let alone the Olympics.

Still, he is optimistic. “It is not impossible!” he said.


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Niko Radicanin, Editor-in-Chief
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Niko is a famous reporter that travels the world. She has interviewed many people including but not limited to: Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Robby Filec, and Kim Jong Un. (Cause she’s just that good). While she isn’t traveling the world in a luxurious yacht, she is competing in the Olympics in tennis as Serena William’s doubles partner. She only speaks Pig Latin, but can write in 54 other languages.

Niko is a Senior at RB. Niko is actively involved in badminton, Best Buddies and Young Life. This is her third year in Clarion, and she currently is the Editor-in-Chief. She aspires to attend college and major in journalism. Niko Radicanin can be reached at [email protected]

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Every Student Has a Story: Christian Hernandez