Breaking up with “Breaking Bad”

How long term series in TV have changed

Breaking Bad, which enters its final season this year, is one in a long string of groundbreaking TV series.

Cameron Bolton, Staff Reporter

The date September 29 marks the end of one of the most popular shows currently on, Breaking Bad. This insanely popular show follows the exploits of high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as he is first diagnosed with the worst type of lung cancer, inoperable lung cancer, and decides to start dealing meth in order to provide his family a stable future upon his death.

The show instantly became groundbreaking due to the premise that show creator Vince Gilligan came up with. Previously he realized that for the most part the main characters on television shows pretty much remain the same things; they’re still the hero. But then he wondered what would happen if there was a show in which the protagonist becomes the antagonist.  And that’s the show’s brilliance because you do see how Walter, little by little, changes from someone you root for to someone you cannot root for.

But this not the first time a show has been considered groundbreaking. Take a look at our slideshow of other series that have changed television.