RB’s Got Talent coming October 3

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Mike Gmitro, Staff Reporter

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This Thursday, October 3, RB will host it’s annual talent show ‘RB’s Got Talent’ at 7:00 in the Main Auditorium. The show consists of diverse acts ranging from vocal performance to magic to German Gymnastic Wheels.

Performers include:
-Emily Temmer and Lizbeth Servin (Piano and German Gymnastic Wheel)
-Katelyn Smith (Singing)
-Kylie Payne (Singing)
-Natalie O’Callaghan (Twirling)
-Cathryn Cowell (Violin)
-Anna Menedez (Singing)
-Angel Barragan (Singing)
-Laura Hasse (Piano)
-TJ Ketchmark (Magic)
-Rachel Bennett (Singing)
-Kiara Lazaro
-Annabelle Daily and Nick Malone (Singing and guitar)
-Alina Gonzalez and Justin Griggs (Singing)
-Paula Lehman (Singing)
The show will be hosted by the Shenanigans Improv Troupe. Come see one of RB’s more unique performances.

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RB’s Got Talent coming October 3