RB’s Got Talent coming October 3

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Mike Gmitro, Staff Reporter

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This Thursday, October 3, RB will host it’s annual talent show ‘RB’s Got Talent’ at 7:00 in the Main Auditorium. The show consists of diverse acts ranging from vocal performance to magic to German Gymnastic Wheels.

Performers include:
-Emily Temmer and Lizbeth Servin (Piano and German Gymnastic Wheel)
-Katelyn Smith (Singing)
-Kylie Payne (Singing)
-Natalie O’Callaghan (Twirling)
-Cathryn Cowell (Violin)
-Anna Menedez (Singing)
-Angel Barragan (Singing)
-Laura Hasse (Piano)
-TJ Ketchmark (Magic)
-Rachel Bennett (Singing)
-Kiara Lazaro
-Annabelle Daily and Nick Malone (Singing and guitar)
-Alina Gonzalez and Justin Griggs (Singing)
-Paula Lehman (Singing)
The show will be hosted by the Shenanigans Improv Troupe. Come see one of RB’s more unique performances.

About the Writer
Mike Gmitro, Staff Reporter
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Mike moved from London when he was five. This is probably the reason for his pristine British accent. He continues to follow heavily in the British Underground Alternative Rave scene. Food is his other true calling. Consuming food is one of Mike’s passion. He pretends to play guitar but don’t believe him.

Mike is a senior in his first year with Clarion. Around RB he is involved heavily in the performing arts. He is also an insane lover of music, and movies. Ask him anytime about music and he’ll talk to you for hours. He loves to write and create with words.

Mike can be reached at [email protected]

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RB’s Got Talent coming October 3