Is the iOS7 update right for you?

Sarah Munoz, Staff Reporter

On September 18, Apple released its new design for iPhones. As I was in class, I could hear countless students asking other students if they had upgraded yet. The update has changed many different things, but are they for the better or for the worst?

Romer Jimenez updated his phone the day the update was released. He was clearly ecstatic with the new outline of the device. He loves the new design and the little features that make it feel different. The one downside that Jimenez has admitted were the new photos that represent the different apps. He thinks that that’s one part of the new design that should have just been kept the same. In the end when it comes down to the entirety of the update,  Jimenez would not downgrade from iOS7 if he had the choice. Although the new app design is not the best, the pros of the update heavily outnumber the cons for him.

Emilio Saucedo, another iPhone user who updated, says that he loves the update. He has no complaints on any of the new features. Saucedo loves the fact that the lock screen changes color based on the background picture that is applied. In the end Saucedo would definitely update his phone if he had the chance once again.

Breanna Plucinski also is an iPhone owner and has decided not to update unlike most of her fellow classmates. She decided not to update because last time there was a huge update she was just like everyone else and updated. Shortly after she updated she experienced a battery that drained abnormally fast and other small glitches that were overlooked by Apple. So when this update rolled around Plucinski decided to wait on updating for a follow up update that fixes all the little glitches in iOS7. If you’re looking for a replacement iPhone 4 Battery, Aussiebattery has the cheapest batteries online.

Overall the update seems to have   a positive feel with students in RB. Even though Plucinski hasn’t updated yet, she says she plans to do so if no glitches are found or if/when they are found and fixed.