Life in dance without Haines

Fry steps in as long-term substitute

The Repertory Dance Ensemble is practicing for the Winter Concert.

Sarah Munoz, Staff Reporter

“I was thrilled to take over for [Dance teacher Mindy] Haines while she was away,” new teacher Dana Fry said.

Fry is the long-term substitute who has taken over the dance department while Haines is on her maternity leave. During the interview with Fry, she was filled with excitement as she was explaining  her new choreography that she has prepared for the Repertory Dance Ensemble Winter Concert which will be December 12 at 7 p.m..

Nida Aleksa is currently a sophomore and is in Honors Repertory Dance. Aleksa explained that she misses Haines as a teacher but believes that Fry is an excellent substitute. Right now in Nida’s dance class, Fry is the guest choreographer and Aleksa really likes the way she has chosen to choreograph the dance.

“I really like Mrs.Fry, and I have known her for a long time because she teaches at the studio I go to,” Madeline Nakis, a sophomore in Honors Repertory Dance, said.

Nakis has been dancing for 13 years of her life. Madeline, when asked, also mentioned that she really hasn’t noticed a schedule change during dance. Madeline has also expressed that she is missing Haines and is excited for her return.

Haines thinks about her dance classes every day and is excited to find out what they’ve been working on. She has been cherishing her time at home with her baby twins Annie and Henry and expressed that she enjoys going of fall walks with them. According to Fry, Mrs.Haines is scheduled to come back November 18 to rejoin her students.

Although the general consensus was that Haines is very much missed, they believe that Fry is an excellent substitute that was chosen to take Haines’ place in her leave of absence.