Every Student Has a Story: Emma Beener

Emma Beener posing before a home game against Illiana Christian.

Killian Elwart

Emma Beener posing before a home game against Illiana Christian.

Killian Elwart, Staff Reporter

All athletes love the rush they get at their first game or those moments of pure joy of winning.  Sophomore basketball player Emma Beener (class of 2016) is no exception.  Since the fifth grade Beener has loved playing this sport.

“I like playing, it’s a good stress reliever and I make new friends because of it,” she said.

Beener started playing basketball back at her elementary school, St. Johns.  There she played a “two” or a guard.  Since then she has played her two years at RB.  Her position also changed to a “four” or a forward.  As a four you don’t need to dribble as much, which appeals to Emma.

“The first time I dribbled, I dribbled right into the girl and she took it, and since then I don’t like it,” she said.

Beener chose number eleven to represent herself in the game.

“I was number eleven since the fifth grade and it just fit,” she said.

Beener was very excited to have made the team and knows some people were not as fortunate.

“If you don’t make the team, ask what you can do better and try again next year,” she said.

Basketball is her favorite sport.

“It’s fun and easy!  You either get it or you don’t,” she said.

Although Beener would rather be playing basketball, when she’s off the court, she’ll watch the professionals play periodically.

“They just keep scoring repeatedly and it gets confusing,” she said.

Her favorite team is the Chicago Bulls and her favorite player is Michael Jordan.  However she does not try to model herself after anybody and just plays her own game.

Beener does think she would like to continue playing basketball in college.

“I enjoy the sport and the camaraderie that it brings,” she said.