And that’s why I wear a sweatshirt every day

And thats why I wear a sweatshirt every day

Kiera Donnamario, Staff Reporter

Let me start this off by saying that February 26, 2014 was not one of the most favored days of my life. I hate the cold. No wait, let me rephrase that; I hate the bitter cold with a fiery passion. So when I’m sitting in class caught up in my work and the fire alarm blares its annoying sound, I cringe, literally.

Grabbing my backpack as soon as I can so that I’m able to rush out of a “burning building” I snap a few pictures for Clarion. I’m aware this isn’t the first fire alarm to go off this month but I was absent from school when the first one happened.

So anyways back to my play-by-play. Walking outside with a few friends we complained about how cold it was. Huddling together for warmth was our only option since we didn’t have jackets to protect us from the wind. After about ten minutes or so of being outside someone thought it’d be nice to let us into the auto tech building. Too bad we were in there for about .5 seconds and then they let us back into the building.

So after this we came back in and the day went on as normal. I was just annoyed because that previous Friday we had the soft lockdown, but this isn’t the place to discuss this.

So last week, Thursday March 6, right after 4A lunch. I’m on my way to chemistry and what do you know, the alarm goes off again. It isn’t terribly cold so I don’t mind very much but the thing that surprise me was the fact that we had yet another fire alarm. So that’s the third one this month and it’s getting a bit out of hand.

Between pool malfunctions and kitchen fires I’ve just about had it with these things. Yes I understand that the school is trying to protect us and keep us safe but at this point people don’t care. I know people who went to their lockers to grab their coats this last time because we all figured it was no big deal. There’s something wrong with that, isn’t there? People have even began referring to us as “Fireside Drillfield” instead of “the school next to the zoo.”

I completely understand that we need to be protected in the event of an emergency and the school is doing a wonderful job of making sure we are. However they may not be paying full attention to little details that cause these fire alarms to go off. If something’s wrong with the pool, fix it. If there’s a certain time food should be cooked and it’s being overcooked then make sure to try and keep a better eye on it.

As of now though I just hope for the best that I won’t have to stand in the cold anymore for another alarm. Either the weather gets nicer and we continue these drills, or the alarms will stop going off and we can get through an entire school with with no harm done.