SA nearing one million pop top goal

25,000 to go

Killian Elwart, Staff Reporter

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For ten years, Student Association has been collecting pop tops to donate to the Ronald McDonald House with the goal of donating one million pop tops.  After a decade, RB only needs 25,700 more pop tops to reach the goal.

SA began collecting pop tops under former president Anna Lusthoff.  Lusthoff attended a conference with other schools and noticed they were fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that helps house families who have hospitalized children at Loyola Hospital and live too far away from the hospital.  This charity collects pop tops that will be turned into money for maintenance.

Last week, SA instituted a contest to bring in more pop tops.  As a Spring event, SA got the whole school involved in bringing in pop tops.  Students brought pop tops to their fifth period teachers.

“When we began the April contest we had 908,485,” SA Sponsor Angela Ziola said.

By the end of the contest, the total had reached 974,300.  It was popular right away.

“In the first week, 22 pounds of pop tops were collected,” SA Executive Board Member Amy Zyck said.

Since this fundraiser has been so successful Zyck does not see why Student Association would not do the pop top event next year as well.  As long as the school wants to, students can look forward to collecting and donating their pop tops next year too.

This is Student Association’s last big event for this school year.  However, in  the upcoming years Student Association are planning to put together more fundraisers.

“In the future there may be hair cutting events and SA will be helping the community,” Zyck said.  “At the end of May, we are participating in a walk for ALS.”

About the Writer
Killian Elwart, Staff Reporter
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Killian Elwart isn’t just a normal girl who walks through the halls of Riverside Brookfield High School, she’s also a mind reader. This comes in handy when trying to get breaking news, that isn’t necessarily supposed to be out yet. With this super amazing power, she’s able to get the real truth, fast and furiously. Elwart hopes in this first year of Clarion that this power will make her come out on top.

Killian Elwart, class of 2016, is a Sophomore here at Riverside Brookfield High School. She enjoys playing multiple sports, such as soccer, basketball and tennis, with the goal of become a twelve sport athlete her senior year. She is also involved in SA.

Killian can be reached at [email protected]

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SA nearing one million pop top goal