Third year might be the charm for Curtin

Football wins 22-0 against Morton

Coach Brendan Curtin looks on as Nick Fucinato poses for a Senior Night photo with his parents.

Andrew Pilewski, Staff Reporter

When Football Coach Brendan Curtin’s team took the field against Morton, his mind was in the same place as always: completely pressure free.

“Pressure is what you feel when you are unprepared,” he said.

Although Curtin has led the RB football team to 2-7 and a 1-8 records over the last two years,  he still feels that the expectations of the RB community are not as high as his.

“Nobody has higher expectations than I do, I think the team can win, and I just want to put them into the position to win,” he said. Whenever RB has fallen over the last two years,  Curtin said he felt like he needed to work that much harder to prepare the team for the next game.

Now, in his third season, Curtin has higher expectations than ever. This is partially due to the current Varsity team having a fairly similar starting roster from last year.

“Everybody on Varsity has gotten to know me and what I expect from them,” he said.  While Curtin thinks this year’s team will have a new look, he believes that will be due less to his approach and more to the team itself.

“The kids have become accountable; it is a more cohesive team,” he said.  Curtin believes the best of the football team under his coaching is yet to come.

This year’s team features a strong lineup from the first on the depth chart to the last.  Progress was apparent in the first game against Morton, as RB prevailed 22-0.

“The tackling looked better.” Curtin said. Tackling may seem like a small facet of a larger team, but the philosophy behind tackling reveals the true spirit of the team.

“Tackling is 80% attitude 20% feet,” he said.