Planning the first day

Why does RB start so early?

Izzy Echevarria

Nina Dorenbos, Staff Reporter

August thirteenth. That date most likely has connotations of lying out at the beach, swimming in a pool, or sitting outside by a bonfire. But, for RB students this year, it was their first day of school. Other public high schools nearby started at least in the following week of August. Lyons Township’s first day was the eighteenth and Morton’s was the twenty-fifth.

“One of the reasons RB starts so early is because we have a schedule where we give final exams before winter break,” Principal Kristin Smetana said, “and, in order to do that, we have to start so early. More and more high schools are moving toward that schedule because it’s easier for the students.”

Another factor that paved the way towards making this schedule possible was the construction finished in 2010.

“Construction was one of the reasons [for being able to start early]. Most schools that do start early have to have air conditioning,” she said

Many times a high school student will have different days off as a younger sibling which can make scheduling difficult for families.

“The schedule for the school year is determined at the district level. In recent years we’re trying to have time to collaborate more with our feeder schools. We’re trying to get a joint institute day,” she said.

The schedule may be less traditional, but it has been changed in the hopes of benefiting to students and their families.