Pack the Place brings a crowd

Michael Lombardo gets last minute instructions from coach Musil.

Steven Baer, Editor-in-Chief

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Wednesday, November 19, RB’s Special Olympics basketball team had its annual “Pack the Place” game versus LTHS. Throughout the weeks leading up to the game, Best Buddies leaders have worked tirelessly to make sure that the turnout of the crowd lived up to the “Pack the Place” title.

“It’s just like any other school sporting event,” Best Buddies Vice President Zeke Linares said.” You want as many people there as possible to support the players. It really means a lot to them.”

In order to ensure a large crowd, free burritos were offered to the first 50 people at the game. While the free food was great incentive to come out, fans were there strictly to support the players.

“The atmosphere was great,” fan Nick Fucinato said. “We got a lot of pointing to the crowd from the players, lots of fist bumps. Just a great time overall.”

With masses of people there, the game was ready to begin. Every time a player from either team scored, the fans erupted in a frenzy of applause. Both RB and LT players were given star treatment. Every player was cascaded with a slew of cheers.

“It’s really great for the players,” Linares said.” They get to feel like superstars, and something like that is just priceless for them.”

RB went on to beat LT 44-24, but for the Bulldogs it’s not about winning and losing.

“Before every game I just tell them to go out and have fun,” Special Olympics coach John Fields said.

It was crystal clear that the players achieved their goal of having a fun time. Just ask any of the hundreds fans there.

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Pack the Place brings a crowd