A present for everyone on your list

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Use this guide find great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Jessica Van Winkle, Staff Reporter

Tis the season for holiday shopping, but no need to fret this year. Clarion has suggestions for all your shopping needs!

So, who are you shopping for?

Shopping for Mom?  Go for luxury.

Your mom is crazy bus all the time, and she does a lot to ensure that you are happy and healthy.  This Christmas, so something for her.  Instead of going with something practical, think of a luxury item she would love.  Is there a fancy perfume she has had her eye on?  Consider her hobbies and interests and plan your gift off of that.  If she is a big reader, find her a great new book.  Athletic?  Maybe she could use some fun, colorful gym shoes.  Just listen to her when she talks to you (something teenagers are generally bad at, granted!).  You may be able to pick up on something she likes.

Looking for Dad?  Think practical.

Dads are so difficult to buy for, but oftentimes practicality can be your best friend.  Has he been wearing the same jeans for ten years?  Get him an updated pair.  Could he use a new wallet that isn’t falling apart like the current one?  Find him a nice leather wallet.  Dads use things until they break, so buy him good quality and he will surely appreciate it.

Older sibling?  Money talks.

If they happen to be in college, chances are they are broke.  A gift card can go a long way.  Choose their favorite store.  When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with Starbucks.

Young sibling?  Toys, toys, toys.

Go to Toys ‘R Us and find something small that they would like to play with.  There are hundreds of LEGO sets.  Find the coolest looking one.  What’s their latest obsession?  Whether TV show, band, or book series, get something related to it.


Want a unique idea for a grandparent?  Plan to spend a day with them.  Take them to their favorite restaurant or get tickets to a play.  They will love spending time with you.

Favorite teacher?

Think hot chocolate kit.  Fill a mason jar about half way with hot chocolate mix and fill the rest of the jar with marshmallows.  Tie on a bow, add some candy canes to the side.

What if you waited until the last minute?

PProcrastinated a bit, did you?  Something we’re all guilty of.  Find pretty much anything you need at Target.  For boys, the easiest way to go is food.  Hit the candy or chips aisle and pick out his favorites and you are good to go.  Girls?  Go to the dollar section, pick out a colorful tumbler (those plastic cups with the straws) and fill it with things from the makeup section:  lip balm, nail polish, file, and so on.  Easy, cute, and she’ll surely love it.

What are YOUR best gift ideas?  Share them in our comments section.