Every Student has a Story: Flipping for Fun

Lacey Smith

Gymnast Lacey Smith in a hand stand on to top of the bar, a very advanced skill.

Isabelle Echevarria, Staff Reporter

This year, senior attendee Lacey Smith will compete in her fourteenth year of being a gymnast. Her journey started when she was only three years old. Smith comes from a family where gymnastics is a favorite extra-curricular. Both her older sister and younger brother have done gymnastics for over a decade. All three gymnasts are very talented, but for Lacey, the passion for the sport is a notch higher.

The 2014-2015 RB girl’s gymnastics season will be Smith’s second year participating as a high school athlete. In previous years, she has competed in club gymnastics, but an accident a few years ago prevented her from competing club any longer.

A bail, a trick on the bars in which the gymnast jumps from the high bar to the low bar, dislocated both of her shoulders at once upon impact.

“[The accident] had a big impact on me.  It sent me to high school gymnastics,” Smith said.

This could be the reason that she now describes the most challenging part of gymnastics for her as “avoiding injury.” But she kept going, and continues to be an accomplished, determined gymnast.

“My biggest accomplishments have been winning state in beam six different times,” Smith said.

Additionally, Smith said that her favorite trick would be a round off- flip-flop- back flip (floor), and her least favorite trick would be back-walkovers on the balance beam (a platform only four inches wide).

“Time management is hard,” Smith said concerning her commitment to the sport. “But my favorite part about gymnastics is being able to have fun with my teammates and making memories.”

Lacey admits to being a really competitive person, and feels that this drives her to be a better gymnast. She’s never one to succumb to injuries, or let anything hold her back.

“[Losing] makes me work harder. It inspires me, because I get mad,” Smith said.

She has described gymnastics as having an indescribable impact on her, and it has let her become more confident over the years. However, she is not sure if she will be able to continue the sport in college.

Lacey’s biggest goals for this gymnastics season is to make the long journey to state. Her whole team is rooting for her, and wishing her the best.