3D printing brings CAD into the 21st century

Cameron Yarger

Nina Dorenbos, Staff Reporter

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Interest in technology is growing at RB3D and it reaches beyond Chromebooks.  Last year, RB purchased its first 3D printers.  These devices are able to print objects rather than traditional paper printers.

CAD (computer aided design) drafting classes utilize the new printers.

“Students have created key chains, battery holders, holiday ornaments, and bracelets,” Applied Arts teacher David Weishaar said.

Currently, the school owns two first generation printers known as Replicator 2’s as well as a Replicator 2X which can print using colored plastic.  New to the labs this year is the Replicator 5th Generation.

“The average price [for a 3D printer] is around $3,000 to $4,000,” Weishaar said.

3D printers have many capabilities.  There is already a printer on the International Space Station that can be programmed from Earth to print tools needed in the station.  The printers at RB are used on a smaller scale, but help prepare students for the future.

“These printers definitely enhance our engineering program,” Weishaar said.

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Nina Dorenbos, Staff Reporter
Nina Dorenbos is a senior at RB and this is her first year on Clarion. She is on the tennis team and is a member of NHS. As a staff reporter, Nina hopes to write all different stories for Clarion.  And is excited for her last year of high school! Nina Dorenbos can be contacted at [email protected]
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3D printing brings CAD into the 21st century