Valentine’s Day: Dating Then vs. Dating Now

Just how much has technology changed dating?

Valentines Day:  Dating Then vs. Dating Now

Steven Baer, Editor-in-Chief

Over the decades, as our cultures have evolved, so has dating. From the days of offering cows and pigs to the parents of a potential spouse, to meeting people on the internet, the art of courting has come a long way.  It’s no secret that today’s generation of teens is heavily impacted by technology. But just how much has that affected dating?

“The biggest difference [in dating] is probably communication,” RB Math Teacher Doug Schultz said.” You guys get to text each other, and communicate via Snapchat, and all those different things. Our communication consisted mostly in the class room, through silly notes and things like that.”

While the technological revolution was originally aimed to connect us more, it may be doing the opposite. Yes, being able to interact with someone at any time is extremely convenient. But has it replaced face to face communication?

“I’d say the majority of my communication is done through texting and stuff.” RB senior Fiona Larson said, “It’s just the easiest way to do things.”

This isn’t to say that couples in high school aren’t spending time with each other anymore. (One walk down a hallway at RB and you’ll witness the horrors of couples that are far too closely acquainted– No one wants to see that.) But rather today’s age of teens are devoid of a certain mystique that previous generations of high school students were able to boast.

“I feel like no one really goes on ‘dates’ anymore. Things are definitely a lot less formal than they were,” senior Savanna Lugay said. “Kids these days kind of just chill and then figure out what to do from there. There’s definitely a lack of planning.”

So is it fair to say that the lack of charm found in modern high school dating culture is due to the prevalence of things like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat?  Some students certainly believe so.

“To me it seems as if [social media] has made everything more cliquey,” RB single George Connelly said,” It’s all about popularity. I’m sure it’s been like that in the past but current social media has just made it more prevalent. For teens dating today, it seems to be less about the individual and more about how they rank socially. It’s kind of messed up.”

Although some students have the belief that technological advancements have hindered modern high school students’ relationships, the majority of kids are content to follow the pattern of the day.

“Since everyone has social media, you really have no choice but to go with the flow. It is what it is,” senior Fiona Larson said.

Whether or not you are pro or anti-social media, it looks like there may be no escaping its impact. If there’s no avoiding modern technology, you must at least be aware of its potential hazards.

“High school kids today are way more connected, which is a good and a bad thing,” teacher Doug Schultz said.” It can be dangerous. It’s just all about how you put it to use.”