Choir takes on Disney

Mariel Sandoval, Selene Anaya, Isabelle Rogoz, and Ashley Lams pose in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Morgan DiVittorio, Story Editor

While most RB students sat around home or hung out with friends during the long weekend, the choir took a trip to Disney World.  66 students and eight adults boarded a plane early Friday morning and arrived ready to work and play.

Every other year, the choir takes a group trip, and this year they went to Orlando, Florida.  They spent months fundraising through different opportunities, selling World’s Finest Chocolate, cheesecake, doing ad sales, and more.  Proceeds helped individual students meet the costs of the trip, and after all the work, the trip began February 13.

Choir members attended the Disney Sings! workshop where students work with a Disney professional to find out what it takes to be a live or film performer.  Students also learned about working in the industry, learning about doing voice overs and other aspects of performing.

Choir Director Diane Marelli thought everyone worked hard at the event.

“[The kids] spent two and a half hours learning a score from a Disney film and provided the singing, dialogue, and effects.  Then we performed a concert on the Waterside Stage at Downtown Disney.  Our students were very professional and poised and performed beautifully,” she said.

While learning and performing, the group also had free time to enjoy the parks at Disney.

“Everyone had fun being together,” Marelli said.  “We visited all four theme parks.  Students hung out with friends and made new friends within the choirs.  Everyone came back much closer.”

Students made new memories, shared inside choices, and formed new bonds.

“I loved really getting to bond with my friends,” Junior Madrigal singer Silvana Alvarez said.  “Spending a few days away from Chicago and getting to sing and have fun at Disney World was the best vacation I could have asked for.”

Marelli believes, despite the work involved, taking this kind of trip is an easy decision.

“I wouldn’t take students on a trip such as this if I didn’t trust them,” she said.  “And these students were delightful to be with.  Just think – 66 people who will go on rides with you!”