High school in another country

Pawaran Kai Mongkhonkham, Staff Reporter

Do you feel like your high school’s boring? Do you want to see what a high school is like in another country? Are they any different than a high school in the U.S.? Being a foreign exchange student from Thailand, I am able to answer these questions.


The High School that I’m going to tell you all about is in the country that I am from, Thailand, and the school’s name is Samakkhi Witthayakhom (SWK).


These are some differences between RB & SWK



  • Single large building
  • Lockers everywhere
  • Air-conditioned all the time
  • Three gyms inside
  • One football field
  • Multiple basketball courts
  • Baseball field
  • Basement
  • Small Cafeteria



  • 12 buildings (11 different subject departments and one administration building.)
  • Lockers only in the gym
  • No air-conditioning
  • One gym inside, two outside
  • One soccer field
  • Two basketball courts
  • 400  meter track
  • Small park
  • Huge cafeteria

The biggest difference between RB and SWK is the amount of buildings SWK has. The reason why SWK has so many buildings is because of the weather. Thailand is a tropical country, so the temperature is high.  


Lockers? I’m pretty sure that 90% of Thai students don’t use their lockers, because they have storage under their desks.


This is the gym. Of course SWK has a gym! Imagine a school that doesn’t, that’d be so boring.


In the U.S., you call it soccer, but in Thailand it’s football. Soccer is not as popular as football in the U.S., but it’s very big in Thailand. SWK’s soccer team is like RB’s football team


This is the basketball court. At least we both call it basketball. Everyone likes basketball, it’s popular everywhere.


There’s over 3,000 kids at SWK, so I had to rush to lunch to find a seat. SWK has two lunch periods, as opposed to the three RB has. In the picture, you can see many food shops where kids can buy food.