Coach Rocco ready to go down swinging

Pawaran "Kai" Mongkhonkham, Staff Reporter


“Hello, ball! I’m gonna hit you.” said Coach Rocco.

After 40 years as a golf coach, and 10 years with the RB Golf team, Coach Larry Rocco said this year will be his last year.

“I’m too old. It’s time for me to retire,” said Coach Rocco.

Rocco is certain that this year’s RB golf team is the biggest golf team in the state with 41 boys, and with a lot of enthusiastic new kids.

RB’s golf team had struggles last season, going 6-8, but they showed improvement over the season.

What is a typical golf practice like?

Grab a driver or iron, and start swinging.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not easy as you think. First, they have to go to the driving range – the open field at the golf club that allows you to practice by using a driver and iron clubs – and then pitching. They do this every day of every week. It would seem boring to someone who is not a golfer, but it’s not boring at all. They think about winning, and use that as motivation to keep practicing.

Coach Rocco has his own style of coaching and ways to give his team confidence. He works with each and every golfer. He gives his team encouragement, and talks to them personally, finding their weak points and fixing them.

“Every hole is a new hole, If you miss, forgot it, and move on to the next hole” said Coach Rocco at the final day of practice.