Retake it ’til you make it

RB Sophomore Gabby Tarrant works on a retake.

RB Sophomore Gabby Tarrant works on a retake.

Vivian Marina Piña, Staff Reporter

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Everyone gets test grades they aren’t happy with. We’ve all experienced the time when your “small mistakes” add up to disastrous points taken off a test, when your stress takes control over all your answers, or when busy schedules eliminate your time to study. Either way, having the option to retake a test helps tremendously to reduce students’ stress levels.

However, students aren’t always guaranteed a test retake, and sometimes there are no options for extra credit. Some teachers may not give retakes because past students have taken advantage of the privilege.

Some teachers, like RB science teacher Christy Hughes, either give you the option of the retake, or have you take an additional quiz that is similar to the original for extra points.

“It is difficult to move forward in Chemistry if you do not master certain concepts,” Hughes said.

This is true to practically every subject as well. Not understanding key concepts won’t let you progress through the class, so teachers like Hughes find it necessary to make sure their students understand their material.

“I like having the option to retake tests because it gives you the chance to bring up your grade. If you didn’t study as much as you should have, you have a chance to redeem yourself and truly learn the material. You don’t always do well the first time, and second chances are always great,” said Kara Nedvar, RB Sophomore. 

But if retakes aren’t allowed, how can you get a better grade the first time?

Believe it or not, doing all your homework really does have a positive impact on your grade. No one really likes homework, but in the grand scheme of things, completing your homework with effort will help your grades tremendously.

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Retake it ’til you make it