RDE dances into the winter season

Vivian Marina Piña, Staff Reporter


Riverside Brookfield High School’s Repertory Dance Ensemble dazzled the audience in another breathtaking performance. RDE performed December 4 and 5, showcasing stunning choreography.

RDE is RBHS’ advanced dance company. They rehearse and strengthen their technique daily during seventh period, and they also spend time after school to enhance their performance.

“I’m very proud of all my dancers,” RDE artistic director Madelyn Doyle said. “I get really excited when I see them on stage wanting to share their knowledge and dancing ability with other people. It makes me very proud.”

After the performance, there was joy and celebration for Doyle and the RDE dancers.

“I was thrilled that the performances went so well,” sophomore RDE dancer Lilly Dziagwa said. “After a performance, I’m always so happy to be able to celebrate what we’ve done.”

For seniors Nida Aleka, Anna Cook, Dylan Dreilich, Madeline Nakis, and Grace Rock, this was their final show. All of the seniors are extremely thankful for the time they have had with RDE, the friends they have made, and all the people they were able to learn from.

The dancers’ creativity and talent shined through their movements, and the audience acknowledged this with tremendous applause.

There were 10 dances in the performance, eight of which were choreographed by students: “Initium Novum” by Rachel Bakalich, “Tell Me” by Maddie Ackerman, “Harsh Harmonies” by Madelyn Doyle, “Exit Sign” by Dylan Dreilich, “Apex” by Lilly Dziagwa and Elizabeth Jerz, “Wild Hearts” by guest choreographer Rachael Berube of Gus Giorando Chicago, “Looking in the Dark” by Julianna Fields, “Finally Free” by Madeline Nakis, “Through You” by Elena Bowie, Olivia Weimer, and Caroline Willinger, and “Running on Hours” by Grace Rock.