Orchesis choreographs their new season

Gabrielle Tarrant, Staff Reporter

Orchesis is leaping into the 2016 season. There are many new things this season including Orchesis sponsor Madelyn Doyle, who has many new ideas to bring to the company.

“I’m hoping to have a lot of variety in terms of style of dance: modern. ballet, tap possibly, jazz, hip-hop,” Doyle said. “Having a lot of variety really draws a big audience.”

The choreography proved to be exciting.

“The dancers show a minute of their own material that they want to be turned into a big dance. That’s kind of exciting for me because they actually spent time after school planning their own choreography. It’s really fun to see what they’re interested in for the season itself,” Doyle said.

Doyle has had many experiences with Orchesis throughout her whole life, and she was very happy when she found out she had the opportunity to be a part of RB’s Orchesis dance company.

“I did Orchesis at my high school, and I was involved in a lot of Orchesis programs in other areas. I know how things go,” Doyle said.

The dancers are looking forward to many things in the upcoming season.

Sophomore dancer Lilly Dziagwa is looking forward to “All the new dances that we’re choreographing this year.”

Many of the dancers are involved with dance outside of RB. There are some big differences between Orchesis and outside dance companies.

“It’s a lot different because the pieces we do are choreographed by students and everyone has an opportunity to choreograph their own dance,” said Dziagwa

Orchesis is a way that students can make their own choreography and be able to dance with classmates with similar interests. Orchesis takes a lot of time, commitment, and hard work for the dancers, but the end product is worth all the trouble.

“My favorite part of dance is using my body to create art,” Senior dancer Grace Rock said.

The girls are hoping for an unforgettable performance at the spring concert this April.