Homecoming Dance: Must be “this tall” to reach the clouds


Jaylyn Bravo

The theme for this year’s homecoming is A Night In The Clouds.

Jaylyn Bravo, Staff Reporter

With the gym reparations Homecoming is not able to take place in the Main Gym this year. The dance will be held in the Fieldhouse.

Some students expressed concern over the inability to wear high heels.

Michelle Koehler, sponsor of Student Association, said,  “The Fieldhouse floors are different than the Main Gym which will cause the heels to leave marks in the floor.”

Koehler does not believe that the venue change is a reason to be concerned though. Minus a few changes, things should be the same.

Koehler said,  “The space is much larger which leads to only decorating outside. Also there is no stage for the DJ.”

Koehler, in her 4th year working with Student Association, has kept the same customs as usual, including the playlist for music.

Koehler said  “We have a clientele request list but he also knows what is popular.”