Pep Rally celebrates athletes, Homecoming Court

Thomas Kraus, Staff Reporter

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The Fall Sports pep rally took place on Friday, September 23, and students were released from 7th period. It was outside at the stadium and it was much shorter than last year.

The Homecoming pep rally revolved around fall sports which include football, cross country, golf, soccer, girls swimming, and girls tennis.

Since the Homecoming dance and game were right around the corner, the pep rally focused on those as well. The girls on the Homecoming court included Madison Darcy, Athena Haralambous, Lyndsey Hoyd, Coco Murray, and Maggie Shereck, while the boys were Jalen Brooks, Jack Jurgens, Zach Mieczkowski, Keenan Scott, and Raphael Siordia.

For Homecoming spirit week, the themes included the following: Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Wednesday was College Day, Thursday was Class Colors, and Friday was Crazy Blue and White Day.

The pep rally was successful and even though it was cloudy, it did not rain. Students were lead out to the stadium by the band and afterwards students were able to go home.

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Pep Rally celebrates athletes, Homecoming Court