Spirit Week a success thanks to Student Association

Alexandria Welsh, Staff Reporter


Riverside Brookfield High School just hosted their Homecoming dance the Fieldhouse on September 24, 2016. The theme for this years Homecoming was “A Night In The Clouds,” which was decided by the Student Association (SA).

SA is responsible for planning everything for this year’s Homecoming. No one understands how difficult and time-consuming it is to run a successful Homecoming Week.

“I think it’s stressful getting everything together, but the reward is seeing everything finished, the final product of homecoming,” said Frankie Filec, Student Association President. “It’s a lot of fun, but I couldn’t do it without the other executive board members.”

The Student Association is in charge of putting together all the decorations for Homecoming. The preparation for this event took place over the course of the weeks leading up to Homecoming Week. The murals throughout RB that represent this year’s Homecoming theme, for example, were all done by the students of SA.

“Usually, whoever comes to the meetings, we will break up into groups or committees and we’ll use people from the committees to get certain things done during the week or weekend to help prepare us for Homecoming,” said Filec.

An event like Homecoming takes time to plan, and this is why SA started planning the first week of school. The group had been throwing around ideas since before the school year even started.

Every year SA votes on the Homecoming theme and the majority of the votes get to be the selected theme for Homecoming. “We get a certain amount of money each year and usually we have Mrs. Koehler or Ms. Ziola, but I do know we always have enough every year for Homecoming,” said Filec.

“You’re always going to get people who say it was good and it was bad so we expect mixed feedback, but our goal is just to make Homecoming fun for everyone and that everyone enjoys themselves,” said Filec.