Falling into art trends


by Lexi Soto

Student art showings in art pit.

Lexi Soto, Staff Reporter

Out with the old and in with the new. The shift from sweet summer vibes to the crisp autumn atmosphere. The trends at RBHS never stop changing just as the world never stops turning. The fine arts teachers at RBHS tell us how they and their students turn a new leaf in the arts.

Colors, moods, and tunes. From ceramics to photography to drawing and painting, art takes many forms. Suzanne Zimmerman, a fine arts teacher, incorporates the sights she sees outside into her work and assignments.

“Beginning Drawing is learning how to render realistically. I will pick up pumpkins from the farmers market and they’ll draw those,” said Zimmerman.

While the seasons rotate, not only does the mood of Zimmerman’s classroom switch, but fine arts teacher Blair Jensen’s does as well. Autumn has a powerful effect in many classes, especially art.

“Usually in the spring, when the weather is warm, while the weather is cold, there are pictures of activities with people and a subject. In the fall and winter however, I tend to focus more on loneliness of the world,” said Jensen.

Humans are influenced by people and things they see around them. Most of the time, the art we create reflects something important in our lives. Something that stands out to the artist.

Zimmerman’s student teacher, Cha Peralta Martinez, is a fashion designer who formerly used to teach at the Art Institute. She was kind enough to share some links on many fall fashion trends of 2016.

One of the sites shared Pantone’s top 10 color choices for fall of 2016. These colors are Riverside, Spicy Mustard, Airy Blue, Warm Taupe, Bodacious, Sharkskin, Potter’s Clay, Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, and Lush Meadow.

Everybody loves to be unique but still fit in with the trends that go ‘round and ‘round. If you’re looking to create you own type of masterpiece, but still work with the trends, these links are the ones to go to: