Learning with or without Chromebooks?


Chynna Simon

Sophomore, Sophia Doty, working on homework on her chromebook during lunch.

Chynna Simon, Staff Reporter

Since last year, when RBHS committed to the 1:1 technology program, Chromebooks have been required for all incoming freshmen. This means that now, a little more than a year into the initiative, about half of the student population carries around a personal computer with them for every class.

Freshmen to seniors discussed their thoughts on the 1:1 program, and their thoughts on how they affect learning at RBHS.

“They are helpful and very useful for doing homework. I use my Chromebook everyday. I think they should continue using the Chromebooks. I like that it’s portable and I like its speed. However, sometimes it buffers and can be super annoying,” said Vanessa Montoya, a freshman.

Sophomores, who are now entering their second year with the Chromebooks, feel a bit differently.

“I like the concept, but in reality they are paper weights. I don’t use them very often. They come in handy sometimes. What I like about it most is Google Chrome. What I dislike is all the blocked sites; there is no freedom,” said sophomore Sophia Doty.

Seniors who have been without Chromebooks for all four years at RB, told us how their experience here has been without the use of Chromebooks.

“I don’t like having to go grab a Chromebook. I’m used to writing on paper. I learn better writing things down. I think they help the most with searching up words. I think having easy access to Chromebooks and that they aren’t heavy are two best things about them,” said senior Sabel Marquez.

Most students who were asked about the Chromebooks liked the idea of them. Some, however, dislike them. They all agree that the school should continue with the Chromebooks because they help in some classes.