Filec in front: Senior SA President leading the students


Student Association President, Frankie Filec , poses for a picture

Jillian Dahms, Staff Reporter

Senior Frankie Filec has what it takes to be a leader. Frankie is this year’s 2016-2017 Student Association President. When Frankie began his first year at RB as a freshman he was unsure whether or not he wanted to do Student Association.

“My brother convinced me,” said Filec.

Even though Filec was unsure about joining Student Association, he found his place within the group and now he’s the president. Leaders have different strengths and weaknesses that make them good leaders.

When asked what his greatest strengths are, Filec responded, “Probably being strong and organized.”

To be a leader, one has to take on many responsibilities. One of those is being organized. To be an organized leader, one has to take peoples’ opinions into consideration and be able to incorporate everyone’s ideas into the projects. Being strong can mean many things. One way a leader can be strong is by sticking to their word and keeping everybody on track.

When Frankie received the news about being the President of Student Association he was more excited than nervous.

“I was excited because then I could be on the executive board for another year,” said Filec on the honor of being named President.

Being a leader means being motivated and excited. Loving what you’re doing is going to make it that much easier. Frankie enjoys being the president and it shows in the work he does for the group. Student Association organizes and runs events such as dances and fundraisers.

Despite his status within the Student Association, every student makes mistakes from time to time. Even Frankie Filec.

“I forgot folders for a meeting once,” said Filec.