Senior athletes’ decisions lead to beginning of the end


Senior volleyball player Maggie Shereck

Jack Jurgens, Staff Reporter

Senior year is a difficult time for student athletes figuring out what they are going to do with their lives after high school ends. Few continue down the path of being an academic athlete. Most students time as athletes come to an end during the course of their senior year.

Colette Murray, a member of the Varsity Girls Golf team as well as Girls Varsity Basketball, has been playing golf and basketball throughout her four years as a student at RB and aside from playing in games, sports have made a lasting impact on her life and on her time at RB.

Throughout her four years as an athlete she has developed better time management skills due to balancing her school work with her sports schedule. “Since Golf has such a small team all the girls are close friends,” said Murray. The relationships she has made with other girls on the team and “becoming close with coaches Mr. Gouwens and his wife Mrs. Gouwens” have been essential parts of the great experience she has had as an RBHS student athlete.

Relationships have also had a major impact on Senior Maggie Shereck, who is a member of Varsity Girls Basketball, Varsity Badminton, and Varsity Girls Volleyball. “Sophomore year was the most memorable because of the friends I’ve made like Varsity players Dana Rettke and Gia Cinkay,” said Shereck.

RB Girls Volleyball and Basketball have allowed Shereck to acquire a better sense of discipline and improve her time management skills. Although sports are very important to both Shereck and Murray, they feel their education is a top priority and are looking forward to receiving Division I educations. Both have agreed that if intramural sports were an option at the school they attended they would pursue them.

Although the fact that this is their final year of being student athletes hasn’t kicked in yet, Shereck said, “ I think it will kick in more on senior night,” for all three sports she plays. For both of these athletes, the games they have been apart of and the plays they have made won’t be the things they remember. “The memories while playing and the friends that I’ve made through sports at RB will be the things I remember and cherish,” said Shereck.

RB has had a lasting impact on their senior athletes and have given them memories, relationships, and skills to apply in the future to commemorate their four years at RB and the role it has played by shaping them into the students and individuals they are today.