Explorers explore

High school students learn about career opportunities


Keeley Scalise

Fire explorers at camp over summer

Keeley Scalise, Staff Reporter

Explorers is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and the purpose is to create interest in local jobs and industries. The Broadview Fire Department has a firefighter explorer program and the Riverside Police Department has a police explorer program.

Kids aged 14 to 21 are allowed to participate in the program, where they learn the basics of policing and firefighting. They must have good grades, good moral values, and a commitment to the program. Both of these programs teach students about civil service. Its purpose is not just to show students how to be firefighters or police officers, it also teaches students to care about their community. In addition, they are involved in community service and attend village events.

The Broadview firefighters spend three days of training and one evening planning a meeting for future events and fundraisers. During their training they learn about safety and are taught the basics of firefighting. Some of the basics include putting out fires, raising ladders, pulling others to safety, car extrications, and EMS services. Each training class is different and builds upon what has previously been learned.

“It is a privilege to be apart of something that is shaping my future,” said senior Gianni Daltorio.

Those who have an interest in becoming a firefighter will get the proper training and education from the Broadview Fire Department to seek this as a career.

The Riverside Police Department is doing the same. It is full of new experiences like cuffing, going on ride alongs, and learning about DUIs and active shooters. Explorers are taught how to work as a team. The explorers do many of these activities in groups which brings them all closer together. They compete every year in nationals. They participate in activities which pertain to what they have learned. 

“It’s fun to learn about everything, it really is just a lot of fun,” said sophomore Cali Carlson.

Being a police explorer is something that can be very interesting and  enjoyable. These simple service departments have opened doors for these students and have allowed them to explore their future for themselves.