Behind the smart board: RB teachers beyond the classroom

Lexi Soto, Staff Reporter

Teachers have lives?

As students, we pretty much believed teachers lived at school. But to our surprise most teachers have interesting lives outside of school.

Kevin Dybas is a math teacher at RBHS. Many find math a very boring subject. However, there is more than equations and graphs to this teacher that you can see.

On Wednesdays, not only does Dybas wear pink, but he and a group of his closest friends get together and have dinner. They pick themes and make food from a new culture.

“We usually try to make foods from cultures we would not normally think to eat,” said Dybas.

Dybas and his friends that he has known since Kindergarten have stayed and grown together. Recently they’ve sought out to travel somewhere together every year.

“We all have always talked about traveling together, but never actually did it. But recently we went to Las Vegas and the Dominican Republic. We’re trying to do this once a year because it’s really fun.”

“I decided to go to France because my cousin is a teacher and had been teaching outside of the country in various places. She had not spent a holiday with family in a long time so it was a good opportunity.,” said Dybas.

Along with grading papers and traveling, Dybas still manages to watch his favorite television shows such as Scream Queens, How to Get Away with Murder, and American Horror Story.

Another teacher that loves to lay back, relax, and watch some of her favorite shows is Madelyn Doyle. Some of her top shows to watch are American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Below Deck.

“I typically like to watch shows where the setting is somewhere tropical because I love places of that sort,” said Doyle.

Doyle likes to travel when she can and loves to stay active too. “When someone travels to new places, there are the tourist sites, but I like to go and do the things the natives from that place do,” said Doyle.

Whether it’s a yoga class or going for a run Doyle would not quite call herself athletic, but she most definitely falls under the category of active. She is a dance teacher here at RBHS and runs RBHS Poms and when the time comes organizes Orchesis.

It may come as a surprise to students that teachers actually have lives outside of school.  Despite that, they have learned how to juggle grading papers and traveling the world.