Girls’ Softball Fundraising


Ariana Porras

Girls fundraising for softball

Mary Kober, Staff Reporter

Emma Jarrell and Doug Schultz are coaches for the RBHS girl’s softball team, Coach Schultz is in charge of the fundraising for the girl’s softball team. The fundraising usually starts in March and ends in about three weeks after start of fundraising.

Some people do not like fundraising and think it is a waste while others might enjoy doing it, especially for the benefits. Therefore, fundraising is optional.

“Yes, all the athletes do it. To get like gear they usually fundraise,” said Coach Emma Jarrell.

The team usually sells cookie dough and on occasion have bake sales. This gets others involved because they are goods that people tend to like and spend their money on. With this kind of selling the team is able to purchase many cool things.

“It is individual so each kid gets a hoodie and each kid gets a T-shirt and then obviously equipment I’d need,” said Jarrell.

With the selling of the cookie dough, for example, the coaches give the athletes a certain amount of cookie dough boxes to sell. They can also get other things if the team as a whole exceeds the expectations of how much was told to sell.

“If you get higher than that, there was like incentives like kids could get cash back and stuff,” said Jarrell.

Some athletes do like fundraising, but not all. However, fundraising is very successful because the athletes do get what they earned and want, such as the sweatshirts and gear.