OPINION: Second Presidential debate reveals Trump as unfit for job

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OPINION: Second Presidential debate reveals Trump as unfit for job

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Shannon Wrzesinski, Staff Reporter

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The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was absolutely ridiculous. The election of 2016 will have a major influence on what direction this country will take. At such a vital time, it is important that it does not turn in the wrong direction.

I am personally neither pro-Clinton nor pro-Trump, but if I could vote, I would vote for Clinton. After watching the debate, I gained a new perspective on the candidates. I am tired of hearing that Clinton is the “lesser of two evils” because she is significantly more qualified for the job than her opponent. Throughout the debate, Trump constantly interrupted her, his insults were juvenile, and he had little-to-no facts to back up his points.

Trump said he would launch a full investigation on Clinton. She responded by saying that it was good someone like him isn’t in charge of the law. Trump immediately fired back with “Because you’d be in jail.” He has advocated for killing terrorists’ families, which is a war crime, and his close-minded ideas are not what this nation needs. Trump’s immaturity shows how unqualified he is to be our president.

After the recent video that leaked of Trump describing kissing women without their consent, he defended his actions by saying it was only “locker room talk.” As a woman, I do not want a man who brags about sexually assaulting women to run our country. He cannot claim to respect women when he is pro-life and this is only one example of the numerous sexist behaviors he has exhibited. I have a newfound respect for Clinton just for remaining calm when Trump was being so disrespectful.

Clinton is willing to work with different groups of people. Her motto, is in fact, “Stronger together”. While Trump is very much set in his ways. The fact that his slogan is “Make America Great Again” really makes me wonder, When was America “great”? As far as I can tell, this nation has only been great to wealthy, heterosexual, white men. Nativism has been an underlying theme in our country and Trump sheds light on this issue and proves how little the nation has progressed. He represents the dark nativist roots this country had thought it had grown away from. A country run by Donald Trump would be a gigantic step backward and we would forever be “a nation divided”.

This election will potentially determine whether or not young people like me will ever be able to pay off our student loans or if there will be jobs available after we graduate. As a college-bound student, would like to think that I have a bright future.I would like to believe that our country will grow more tolerant and be more accepting of cultures, ideas, and customs that are not the norm for us.  This could be possible under Clinton, but under Trump, it would be nothing but a fantasy.

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4 Responses to “OPINION: Second Presidential debate reveals Trump as unfit for job”

  1. Joy Greco on October 14th, 2016 8:37 am

    This is so great Shannon!

  2. Madison Heninger on October 14th, 2016 2:04 pm

    Nice article, Shannon!

  3. Alex on October 14th, 2016 4:09 pm

    Thank you for your opinion, but you should really stay out of politics if you can’t effectively talk about the cons of both candidates.

    While you repeatedly have bashed Trump and his shortcomings during the CELEBRITY phase of his life, you have failed to mention the ties to corruption that Hillary has in her POLITICAL career. Very biased.

    Do keep in mind that while Trump is not perfect, he has business credentials that could very well help this economy. Before you mention his failed ventures, keep in mind all the successful ones he has ran that helped him turn a million dollars into billions. That’s mathematically impressive to look at.

    Keep in mind that his plans are conservative and his main focus is giving money back to all citizens of all classes with lower taxes, and he will bring back offshore jobs so we can successfully manufacture our products here in the US. That itself will create many new jobs.

    While people in the top % tend to avoid paying taxes, it is largely due to the legal tax code that is currently in place that allows them to keep funds. With a lower tax rate and fixing of the tax code, the rich will pay their fair share and the funds can be used for other programs/infrastructure and they will on be able to pay for new workers and business investments.

    As a conservative, it is also important reallocate funds from failing programs and put into place new ones. It is to limit wasteful spending.

    Clinton wants to increase taxes on the rich and this will decrease job growth because businesses can’t pay $15/hour or provide benefits to all workers. Some will have to be cut/fire people in order to stay afloat in the business. Workers in many cases get laid off before they receive benefits let alone a pay raise.

    Clinton’s foreign policy plan is weak… during Obama’s term, things have become so destabilized in the middle east. Libya is bad, Iraq has gotten worse, Iran is close to finishing nuclear weapons development (on top of many of its citizens hating the US and Israel), Russia is now a geopolitical force (Romney warned about it, Obama and his administration laughed at him for it), ISIS has grown in power due to the incompetent leadership in Obama and Clinton… ISIS never existed until during Obama’s term. ISIS used to be Al-Qaeda until we forced regime changes in countries in the middle east. Because of this regime change, ISIS has garnered the strength and power that exceeds far beyond that of Al-Qaeda.

  4. Elizabeth Gomorczak on October 15th, 2016 11:45 am

    Well written, Shannon. It appears that you did quite a bit of research in preparation for writing this article.

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OPINION: Second Presidential debate reveals Trump as unfit for job