With many streets closed around RBHS, it has become very difficult for students and staff alike to get to and from school.


Maddy Jones

Construction on Golf Road

Maddy Jones, Staff Reporter

Many students have to walk to school, and sometimes the traffic gets very heavy, especially with mass construction of several busy streets. Have some of the routes become unsafe for students due to the complications?

“Crossing the intersection on first avenue is sometimes dangerous… the sidewalk is rundown and signs are poking out… I’m not really nervous to cross the street, but I can see how you could be, because crazy people could blow a red light and end up hurting someone,” said freshman Michael Schicker.

Sometimes students will go out of their way to avoid some traffic, and even then they still end up being late to school.

“Because of the construction of the bridge, I have to go all the way around to get to school. It makes me late to school on late start because I don’t have a ride to school,” said sophomore Morgan Johnson.

The timing of the construction was also bad as well. Many students feel like it should have been done before school started.

“It’s really bad because I can’t get to school on time… There’s a lot of traffic in the morning and there are too many cars,” said sophomore Brandon Concepcion.

The traffic and construction at the same time can make students feel unsafe while walking to school. Some of the traffic can scare some students if they don’t know where to cross, or make them feel like it is dangerous to cross busy intersections and streets.

“Yes [I feel unsafe while walking to school] because one of our students was recently hit because of anxious and unsafe drivers in our area, especially during school hours,” said sophomore Brianna Quick.

Students have to face daily struggles to get to school. RB students can all try to get to school earlier because the doors are open at 7:00 am, walk with a friend to school, or try to carpool with other students.