RBHS Traffic Update


Elizabeth Amaya and Kenton Baer, Staff Reporters

Riverside Brookfield High School has struggled with traffic issues in recent weeks. There has been construction in several routes to RB from Riverside, Brookfield, and North Riverside.

Since there are closed streets in Brookfield, the traffic has been pushed to 1st Avenue. Therefore there are crossing guards located on 1st Avenue on the corner of RB to ensure the safety of students. There are also crossing guards located on Ridgewood and Golf, South, and West of Ridgewood.

The HERO passes are still in place but because of the construction they are excused, meaning you won’t be marked as late to school.

“We decided to take a week to week basis and we need to give HERO slips out but they are excused and the reason why we are doing that is one: we want to continue to be in the same habit of giving out tickets and two: when we give you that excused tardy it also counts your attendance,” said Dave Mannon, the assistant principal.

Several students have had to find a different route to and from school. However, the detour can add a mile to the walk to school.

“The detour would be to go around the Hollywood section in Brookfield and that’s pretty clearly marked,” said Mannon.

RB and Brookfield police have cooperated and have placed crossing guards on Golf and the south and west sides of Ridgewood. They also added a police officer at 1st Avenue.

Construction on Washington and Prairie began September 27th and will continue for 6 weeks.