A driving passion: RB’s automotive class

Thomas Kraus, Staff Reporter

RB has an automotive class where you are able to learn about cars, and it is taught by David Weishaar. The class takes place in the auto house by the football field and is during 6th hour (2nd semester) and 7th hour (1st and 2nd semester).

If you want to become a mechanic, this is the class to take. RB gets good feedback from different universities regarding how much knowledge the students have and how comfortable the students are around cars. The class is generally a mix of class work and working in the lab.

There are different types of Auto classes. There is Auto 1 and Advanced Auto 1 & 2. The various classes are mostly recommended for sophomores and above but freshmen have taken the courses in the past. The final is typically a multiple choice test consisting of 100 questions.

In Auto 1, you can learn things like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checking, batteries, car inspections and different types of power like nuclear, hydroelectric and solar. You also learn different types of engines used in cars such as diesel, gasoline and rotary engines. Due to the fact that some students have never been under a car or looked in a hood before, it can be quite scary, students are put into groups to help get rid of that fear.

Auto Advanced, you can learn more complicated things such as braking mechanics, electrical work and programming.

The class works on only cars.

“It’s easy if you wanna be a mechanic, and hard if you don’t wanna be a mechanic. It’s basically your choice.” said Trevor Halfpenny, a sophomore currently taking Auto 1, “It’s nice. It’s creative… most of times, we do oil changes and tire rotations and later we will do tune ups.”

Weishaar is teaching this class because he is the Industrial Technology teacher, which means he covers the Auto classes, the Drafting/Engineering/Architecture classes, the Exploring technology classes and the Construction class.