Horrifying Halloween in store for RB students


Tricking or Treating all October 31st

Jack Jurgens, Staff Reporter

Halloween is a holiday for tricking, treating, and a history of spine-chilling traditions. Many students are involved in celebrating this spooky holiday and all the different ways to honor October 31. Haunted houses, costume parties, and of course trick or treating are popular customs commonly celebrated in high schools all over the United States. So how do students at RBHS spend Halloween?

Freshman student Joey Mieczkowski said that he sticks with the traditional Halloween approach he has been following since he was a toddler.

“I always go trick or treating with a huge group of guys, I have been doing it through middle school and most of elementary school,” said Mieczkowski. Although he is a big fan of trick or treating he feels “it is a bit childish to go dress up,”. He also feels that a majority of kids in his grade feel this way and says, “Most kids will probably end up trick or treating or going to the Cicero Town of Hall of Horrors and other haunted houses”.

Haunted houses are a no-brainer for celebrating the holiday in the eyes of Sophomore Abby Reagan.

“Why celebrate Halloween if you’re not trying to get a little scared?” said Reagan. Even though she feels high school has changed some of the traditions she used to participate in, she thinks that it is still fun to be involved in the holiday in some way. While she will not be trick or treating anymore, she still wants to experience Halloween in one way or another.

October 31 may be a holiday that many people just love to celebrate, but for Junior student Charlie Tapia, it is just another way to spend time with his friends.

“I don’t really have anything special planned, but whatever I do it’ll probably be with my friends,” Tapia said. Tapia feels that the holiday is still something fun to be apart of but he has not done anything festive to celebrate during his three years in high school. He might not have anything planned but Tapia said that whatever he and his friends and will be related to Halloween in some way.

Senior Mia Caballero also doesn’t have anything special planned but loves celebrating the holiday.

“It is pretty cool to get into the spirit for Halloween, whether it is watching Halloween movies, going to the 13th Floor Haunted House, or dressing up for Halloween themed parties, I love being involved,” Caballero said. She hopes to celebrate this Halloween at home doing something she has never done before to honor the holiday, even though Halloween is on a Monday.

Many RBHS students celebrate Halloween just as other high school students do across the country. Even though methods of celebration differ from grade to grade in style, students feel the spirit of the holiday in the same way and even in high school they still find ways to re-live the past enjoying October 31st.