Bulldogs Sniffing Out New Books


Chynna Simon, Staff Reporter

Book Club is a new club at RB. It is a way students can get together and discuss books that they enjoy and talk about books they have read. Book club is open to new people.

“When I was younger I liked reading a lot of romance. When I was in high school, we did not have a book club.I want student to be able to have access to book club,” said Amy Phillips.

This was Phillips’ first year here at RB and decided to start the club.

“To learn about new books and other students experiences and opinions. Its a way to find cool and popular books,” said Mrs.Phillips. She will be running the book club program with Wendy Cassens, the English instructional coach.

Book club will have 1-2 meeting on Late Start mornings. If a student would like to join book club, just go to one of the meetings or come to Amy Phillips’ office in the library which is always open.