Get your spirit on


Courtesy of Dave Mannon

Students on Oct. 14 wearing pink to show their school spirit

Cathy Yuen, Staff Reporter

Riverside Brookfield High School students are taking their pride to the next level. Students from Student Association have been working on themed football games for the second half of the season. On October 7, the first themed football game took place. The game was USA themed. Fans wore red, white and blue. The crowd also had a Pink Out game on October 14.

This was accomplished by Coco Murray, a graduate of RB in 2016, and Maggie Shereck, a senior, who created a Twitter account to spread the word and test if students would be interested.

“We hoped the themed football games would being more enthusiasm and school spirit to RB,” said Shereck.

The seniors wanted to leave a legacy for the other grades to continue. The main purpose was to show and spread Riverside Brookfield High School pride since the football teams have been doing well the past two seasons.

“I hope the community will come together and see how enthusiastic students are about Riverside Brookfield High School and all of the other sport teams too,” said Shereck.