Turnabout: just another dance?


Photo from the clarion archives

Hailey Paisker, Staff Reporter

Every two years, RB holds a dance called “turnabout”. Turnabout was first created by the woman Sadie Hawkins. It can also be called the Sadie Hawkins dance. This informal dance will be sponsored by a high school or college so female students can invite male students. Even though it’s been an RBHS tradition, do students truly enjoy turnabout?

Isaac Lawrence is a junior at RBHS. He doesn’t typically attend school dances, and doesn’t see a purpose in holding them. He did not attend turnabout last year.

“It seemed like a second homecoming,” said Lawrence.

He thinks turnabout is not too special, and believes there should be more to it to make it more distinct from homecoming.

Alyssa Farnham is a sophomore at RBHS. She enjoys attending dances and events, although she didn’t like turnabout. She did go to turnabout last year.

“I really didn’t like it. It was boring. It was basically a more lame homecoming,” said Farnham. She also believes that turnabout should be more distinct.

However, a large population of the school disagrees.

Johnathan Wells is a junior at RBHS. He likes attending dances and events. He believes it’s a great reason to hang out with friends and is a good opportunity to have a good time.

“For girls, I can see it being a large waste of an entire day of trying to do hair and makeup, although it can be a nice night where you can hang out with friends at turnabout,” said Wells, “It can be a good reason to actually hang out with friends on a night,”