Count “Dress”-ula: Guidelines for costumes at RB on Halloween


Make sure to dress appropriately!

Jaylyn Bravo, Staff Reporter

Halloween lands on Monday this year, so therefore RB students must go to school. You are all probably wondering what we can or cannot wear or what is appropriate for it.

As for what is appropriate the handbook states no head coverings may be worn in the building at anytime. So although face paint and masks seem scary fun, it is sadly not allowed.

Morgan Johnson did not see a problem with face paint or face masks. “Although it might be a safety issue it gives the kids a nice way to express themselves or go all out for their costume,” Johnson said.

According to the handbook, No head coverings may be worn in the building at any time. So of course facepaint and masks seem scary fun it is sadly not allowed.

Johnson’s thoughts on weapons varied. “If the weapon is not a material that will hurt someone or if it is key to his/her costume then it should be allowed,” said Johnson.

Johnson stated that the biggest concern for girls is revealing clothes and skirts.

The handbook states, Students are required to be clothed with opaque material from shoulder to mid thigh. So if your clothing goes from shoulder to mid thigh you will be just fine.

No need for a concern on that though because the handbook says, Students wearing clothing which is deemed vulgar, inappropriate, unsafe, or disruptive to the educational process is not allowed.

Also a helpful tip from the handbook that shoes must be worn at all times to comply with Health Code regulations.

Johnson thinks that no big consequences should be held against students, they should only be required to change.

If students do not comply with these rules, the office just might have you be a bulldog for Halloween.