Cheering their way to a sport?


Jessie Whigam

Junior varsity cheerleaders

Jessica Whigam, Staff Reporter

Google defines a sport as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. One sport that some people do not believe is a sport is cheer. So Clarion went out and interviewed a few cheerleaders to see their reactions.

Clarion interviewed first-year cheerleaders as well as four-year cheerleaders and asked them why cheerleaders counted cheer as a sport.

“It take a lot of physical activity, you’re literally catching people then going into dancing and tumbling,” said Cali Carlson, a sophomore on junior varsity cheer.

“It takes a lot of strength and endurance to do some of the things we do like tumbling and stunting,” said Gianna Finnigan sophomore on junior varsity cheer.

A few cheerleaders were hesitant when answering the question: Do you feel like schools support cheer as much as other sports?

“Kind of, it is supported more than some sports but it isn’t focused on that much,” said senior Karen Garvey on varsity cheer.

“Yes I think so, a lot of people disagree with the funding but we do a lot of fundraising for ourselves,” said sophomore Elizabeth Donoghue on junior varsity cheer.

Most of the cheerleaders agree that the school supports cheer as much as other sports but some people do not think that other students treat them like athletes.

“Yes, but some people don’t think [that cheerleaders are athletes] so because they only see us on the sidelines supporting other sports,” said Kara Hernandez freshman on junior varsity cheer.

“Personally I think that most people do count us as athletes but some people do not,” said Carlson.

So, now we ask you. Do you think cheer is a sport?