A spooktacular job


Amanda Voth and co-workers (image courtesy of Amanda Voth)

Tatum Bruno, Staff Reporter

Amanda Voth, a junior at RBHS, is the living embodiment of Halloween. This year she gets to live her dream by working at the 13th Floor haunted house.

Voth found out about this job through the 13th Floor’s Facebook page. Voth was inspired to try out because of her mother’s love for Halloween. Voth has also gained experience by volunteering at other haunted houses before her audition.

Voth’s interview for the job was not typical, for it was more like an acting audition. The audition process involved many improv exercises, and some even had to memorize character dialogue.

The managers seemed to prefer casting people with interesting talents. The more passionate you were, the better you seemed when applying to act in a haunted house.

“They really like that I do backbends because not everyone can do that. I do backbends and walk up to people and it disturbs them,” said Voth.

Even in haunted houses, there are ways to get promotions and prizes. Workers who have continuous high energy and passion can earn rewards.

“They noticed I was doing well, and they gave me a voucher. The voucher is like a golden ticket that can be used to pick any spot in the house where you want to work. It was kind of a big deal because no one ever gets to change their assigned spot. I was surprised that they gave it to me out of the 80 plus people that work there,” said Voth.

Characters are not forever, Voth has been many characters, including a vampire, clown, and a morgue worker.

“In the beginning I was a clown for only five nights, and then I was moved to the morgue. But I was also a vampire for a long time in our mansion’s staircase, I even have a vampire family,” said Voth.

The 13th Floor has many different characters, along with two separate houses. The first house is “Bloodlines”, which is a more basic haunted house. The second house is “Dead End Valley”, which is post-apocalyptic themed.

“‘Bloodlines’ is like a stereotypical haunted house with vampires, werewolves, possessed people, and ghosts. It’s very classic. The other house is ‘Dead End Valley’ which is very post-apocalyptic. It’s a horrifying nuclear meltdown–it’s more disturbing,” said Voth.

Overall, Voth’s job is spooktacular.

“I love it so much I forget it’s a job.” said Voth.