Football season comes to an end

Sydney Sandrick, Staff Reporter

The RB football team had a great season. Unfortunately, this season has come to an end with a record of 7-2 (Varsity) and 6-3. (Junior Varsity) Varsity had their short playoff season on Friday and it ended with a score of 40-7.

“The team’s biggest accomplishment of the season was making it to playoffs 3 years in a row,” said Varsity player Michael Wilson (TE,DE).

Wilson was feeling confident about playoffs and was hoping his last year would end in a victory.

“Playing from freshman year to my senior year, I’ve seen how we’ve improved as a team, getting to meet some of my closest friends is what I’m going to miss most about playing for Riverside Brookfield,” said Wilson.

Since this is Wilson’s last year at Riverside Brookfield, he’s going to miss playing every Friday and the coaches as well. He is unsure but is considering to be continuing his football college career at Benedictine.

“The hardest part about football this season was how big of a commitment it was. Dedicating time for practices and getting ready for playoffs was all stressful,” said Sophomore Varsity player Dom Rowe. (LB)

As a sophomore, Rowe found that dedicating time for football was hard, having practice almost everyday for 3 hours. In the end, Rowe loves the sport no matter how stressful times can be.

“Our team’s biggest accomplishment was winning the game against Aurora Central Catholic 21-20 in the last second,” said Junior Varsity player Matthew Lams. (TE , MLB)

This was one of the most exciting games for Junior Varsity especially since it was against one of their biggest rivals, Aurora Central Catholic.

“This season was pretty good we had some high time, and we had some low times, but we had a good season, and I can’t wait to come back next year and see our improvements as a team,” said Junior Varsity player Joseph Shelven (QB).