On your marks, get set, state!

Jessica Whigam, Staff Reporter

Off to state they go! The RB Cross Country teams have made their way to state this Friday. The coaches and runners are very excited. Both the boys and girls teams have been working harder than ever, from practices at five in the morning to extra hard workouts twice a week. They have motivated each other and truly showed how far they have come.

Junior runner Jack Sagan has been on Cross Country since freshman year. Sagan is a big part of the team’s care group.

“We knew coming into this season that were one of the better teams at RB for about thirty years or so,” said Sagan. “We knew we had to give it our everything.”

Sophomore Niela Callanan was asked the same thing. She also told us how excited she was that the team is going this far.

“Knowing we had a really good chance to make it to state,” said Callanan, two year runner.

The coaches are just as excited. They have been preparing for this for a long time.

Coach Larry Forberg has been coaching RB Cross Country for twelve years and counting. This is his first time coaching when the team won conference, regionals and sectionals all in the same season.

“Hopefully the runners are eating and sleeping right this week,” said Forberg. “We always tell them to visualize the race before and think about what they want to accomplish. We as coaches are building their confidence, we’re reminding them how talented they are. Come Saturday they get to show everyone else how talented they are.”

Coach Brennan Denny was pleased with the adventure to state.

“We’re all very relaxed,” said Denny. “They passed the challenge of passing the sectional meet and now it changes. We’re here, we just have to see how high we can finish in the field.”