Swimming with the fish


Elizabeth Amaya, Staff Reporter

This year RBHS girls Swim is splashing their way up to conferences. The team practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, everyday after school, and sometimes on Saturday mornings. 

Sophomore swimmers Abby Regan and Shea Connelly both started taking lessons at the age of three and have been swimming on different teams until their freshman year. They found Junior Varsity swim to be a difficult commitment because it requires time management.

“It is so time consuming and along with all your school work, studying, and keeping up your grades because you are always swimming as well, ” said Regan.

There are many schools to compete against but some of the biggest competitions are Hinsdale Central, Fenwick, or Oak Park-River Forest.

“I enjoy water polo more because it is more of a team sport, swimming is such an individual sport so you don’t really get to talk to people and grow as many relationships,” said Connelly.

Like any other athlete, swimmers need to eat healthy and remain hydrated. There is no specific diet for swimmers but every Friday, before a Saturday morning invite, they have pasta parties. A member of the team hosts a team dinner which contains salad, pasta, bread, and lots of chocolate milk.

“It is a lot of fun and coming into high school; you meet a lot of friends through it and it’s a good way to stay on top of school work because you are always busy that you force yourself to get your work done,” said Connelly.

Regan agrees with Connelly. 

“Expect a lot of hard swimming and also be ready for stress because along with swimming, comes a lot of stress. But it is also very fun and I do recommend swimming,” said Regan.