Model UN: Building our future leaders


Erin Cunningham

Model UN at their last meeting.

Kyle Platt, Staff Reporter

Model UN is a club at RB, simulating United Nations meetings where students can learn about international relations and world conflicts.

Sophomore Cali Carlson enjoys Model UN because it helps with communication traits that you might not learn in core classes.

“It teaches you how to publicly speak and not be afraid to talk to new people, because at conferences, they might be from other high schools. But sometimes, there are also people from other countries,” said Carlson.

Carlson thinks more people should join Model UN because it is an under-appreciated club.

“All of us are really tight, and we learn how to do stuff together. It’s more of a team action than an individual activity,” said Carlson.

Junior Mary Claire Greenlees joined Model UN because she enjoys discussing politics.

“I thought it would be cool to be part of a simulation where discussing foreign policy is the main focus, and also discussing human rights,” said Greenlees.

Greenlees also agreed with Carlson that Model UN teaches subjects that classes can not.

“It teaches me really good people skills and also helps with public speaking because it throws you in there immediately. You have to react to changing opinions as well,” said Greenlees.

Greenlees thinks Model UN is a great way to learn, even for those who are shy and don’t like public speaking.

“It’s a great learning experience. Even if you’re shy and don’t like talking, it can help you grow stronger as a public speaker,” Greenlees said.